Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weak in the knees

Sales of my work at terrain are picking up (hurrah!) so its time to order more beads for the etched pearl necklaces. Looking around and considering some other purchases here. I find beat up old beads very appealing. Archeology meets jewlery - whats NOT to like about that?!

Of course beat up old beads often come with a price. "Don't get too attached to that last strand", I said to myself. They are tile beads from Afghanistan thought to be about 2000 years old. A strand of 21 beads costs $120. Gosh - it would be like wearing a museum around your neck!


  1. Such beautiful beads - especially the last strand!

    There's a giveaway on my blog and I hope that you'll take part. Bye and best wishes, Lesley.

  2. But they are beautiful!!!! Congrats on the increase in sales.

  3. Aren't they gorgeous! I love Happy Mango beads, I can't afford the amazing antique and trade beads but they have a fabulous selection of lovely gemstone beads.
    (I don't work for them!!)

  4. Ha, ha, ha...I don't work for them either but gosh I think it would be fun!

  5. Happy Mango Beads. Intoxicating beads and nice people to order from. I have drooled over the ancient Roman glass for-ever.