Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The day was made

I got a lovely email this morning from Delphine of Le Blog du Coolest. She posted the necklace she made (below) after seeing my fiber bead tutorial last November and another necklace incorporating her "quotation" of my moon earrings. Very cool to see her take on these textures. You really made my day, Delphine. Thank you!
Several big custom orders have kept me very busy these past 3 weeks or so. I've really been feeling like I needed to stretch myself more in regard to construction so when a request came along for a necklace version of my Sediment bracelet I knew it was meant to be. Here's the necklace in progress. I wedged the beads at the bottom to help create the curve without a lot of gaping.

What kind of clasp to use was probably my biggest hurdle. I sketched. I stared. I sketched. I stared. I wanted something simple and sturdy but also something that was incorporated into the overall design so a purchased clasp was out. I finished it tonight and will hopefully get some good photographs tomorrow before its shipped to its new home.


  1. Can't wait to see the clasp. Findings are the biggest nightmare when I start putting things together, and I'm severely hampered by my lack of - what? Design ability, experience, ability to work with metal, all of these things and more. One could sit down and think of nothing but findings for months...and still be frustrated! Arrgh...

  2. I had no Idea your doing tutorials,
    fantastic Job!!!!

  3. This is Gorgeous Genevieve- Your entire work is amazing- what you do to polymer clay is out of this world. I'm new to your work and I haven't been this inspired by jewelry-handcraft in the longest time.
    Your work moves me as music does, in a very profound level.