Thursday, March 31, 2011

Landscapes and beyond

I have several more landscapes almost complete. The even newer ones seem to be escaping their bezels. photos of that tangent yet.

This piece has no added acrylic paint. Its a stretch for me.

I'm re-working an earlier piece because I'm just not satisfied with it yet. So its sits here partially finished. I realized it would be very convenient for me to have about 4 huge tables on which to lay out partially finished work for weeks and weeks just so I could look at it, play with it, try it on then walk away for days. Come back, insert bead, take out bead, insert different bead and so on. I think I just need to live with things for a while before I can finish them.


  1. I am just the same about finishing things. though mine I put down to laziness rather than artistic endeavour! I love the way that necklace is coming on. How will you fasten it?

  2. I so completely agree, cannot emphasize this enough! It takes me ages, millenia, to finish large pieces...and sometimes small ones too, she owns shamefacedly.

  3. Another beauty!

    Love your new landscape pieces, but the carved bead piece is just stunning.

    The flying saucer disks are great, and I love the way some of the carved beads have larger facets and a darker feel. Really nice.

  4. I don't know Fiona. Maybe that's some of the issue right there, the clasp.
    I am considering having it be long enough to just slip over the head.