Thursday, April 14, 2011

Testing the waters

I'd been considering making/selling more loose beads lately (being encouraged by Claire's success with beads over at stillpointworks and several requests from customers) to broaden what I have to offer in my Etsy shop. Feeling a bit frustrated with some necklaces I am working on, I decided to scale back on complete jewelry for a week or two and just work on beads, planning to post some sets and test the waters.

The first sets of Debris beads sold within hours which is pretty cool! Re-listing! b


  1. Perfect way to use scraps and perhaps 'unfortunate' blends... although they're great fun and stand on their own.

  2. Cute! They look like lava rocks from a confetti volcano!

  3. that's really great that they sold so quickly. it's good to vary change things around for yourself when you feel like it :)