Monday, May 4, 2009

New Ring

I am pretty excited about this new ring I made. I suppose not everyone wants a ring this large but I have bulky hands and can definitely get away with it. I'm ordering slimmer bands too though so I will be able to offer a sleeker version.

The band is wood and the "gem" is polymer.


  1. Ooooooooooooo! ooooooooooo! So cool! I love this effect. Very bold, yet somehow gentle.

  2. I ♡ this!!!!!

    I LOVE that you're using wood!
    So earthy 'n pretty 'n graphic...

  3. Gorgeous! I love the combination of the wood with your "stone upon stone gem". Your craftswomanship is so inspiring.

  4. Your work is wonderful, I found your on PC daily, but has never seen you on Etsy. I will enjoy following your work...