Thursday, May 14, 2009

While my back was turned...

Well...(jaw drops to floor)... I have just found out I have been featured on two great blogs, two days in a row.

Eugena - Can I ever thank you enough?! Eugena, a polymer artist from my neighboring state of Maryland, has the gift encouragement and features OTHER polymer artist on her blog Polymer Clay Chameleon. Yesterday I was her pick.

I really like her very cool and aptly name "Frog Pond" earrings!

She was kind enough to email this morning to tell me that her feature apparently led to today's feature at Polymer Clay Daily! I admire the work found here. Heavy on visuals you will find photos and links to great polymer artists such as...

Claire Maunsell

and Kate Clawson to name JUST a few.

I am quiet thrilled to join the likes of these with a post titled "Williamson's Cool Polymer"! (At age five my daughter informed me that I was NO LONGER cool - well I guess she was wrong.)

I have been a bit out of the loop for the past couple of days accompanying my (photographer) husband to a gallery show and helping him write a grant proposal. These two activities have taken up just about all waking hours since last Friday. So imagine my surprise to find that there are nice folks out there looking at my work while I "have my back turned"!


  1. And this surprises you?!
    Not me. ;)

    (go YOU!)

    The Stonehouse Studio pendant is gorgeous...

  2. congratulations,your work is stunning!

  3. Oh my golly gosh, your work is STUNNING!!

  4. Congratulations! Another vote for the I'm-not-surprised category.

    Genevieve the artist...

  5. Gen, you are one of the truly deserving! One of the most genuine people...genuinely kind, talented, and real. Congratulations!