Monday, October 22, 2012

In a nut shell

So here is the Kathleen Dustin hollow box/purse class in a nut shell...
- make nut
- cover nut
- extricate nut from shell
- shell becomes box or purse

Here is my C+, unfinished effort.

Kathleen didn't grade us; I graded myself. And never mind the C+ ... everything I learned (the tips, the material knowledge and the skills)  will certainly all be applicable to anything I do with polymer. And more than a purse, thats really what I wanted, just to learn more about the material from a master!

More details about the class I must get the household back in order.

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  1. You have made a beautiful memory too Genevieve and what an opportunity. Kathleen was one of the artists who first captured my interest in this medium. Her magnificent harem doll necklaces (for want of a better word) absolutely entranced me. We had our moment with a master when Cynthia came to Nepal last year and Tory Hughes is coming to Australia next year so I will get another chance. Have fun exploring adapting what you learnt from her with your own fabulous polymer language! Hugs Wendy