Monday, October 15, 2012

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

I started some necklaces that incorporate my recycled beads a couple months ago. Now that I'm taking a permaculture design course and just finished reading the recycling section I'm re-visiting them. I feel challenged to overhaul my studio to better reduce materials, use and re-use... everything.

Jacob's  Ladder and Recycled beads. 

I have a bag of scrap sterling - I'll recycle that myself once I get a larger amount. My studio has "pools" of lighting for different areas so I only turn on the lights I need.  I keep my paper usage to a minimum and use mostly recycled packaging. (Speaking of which, if you haven't already, check out Claire Maunsell's diy solution for shipping using cereal boxes.)  All of my scrap, soft clay is used for Reef pieces and to make grey clay. In fact, the Kathleen Dustin class next weekend requires 1 lb. of scrap clay and I'm thinking, "I have no "scrap" clay!" I will indeed "fake" some scrap clay.

Unfortunately carving after curing produces Cured Scrap Clay... ARGH! This is my real hurdle right now.

Help me learn - how do you reduce, re-use and recycle in your studio?


  1. this necklace is beautiful...
    i love claire's diy! i save my yogi tea boxes (they have the most beautiful insides) to use as small packages - i use the shredded paper/wood that comes in some fruit baskets (i ask my family to save it for me... it lasts a good while because you don't have to use much), etc as filler to keep the jewelry secure...
    i am the same with lighting...
    i save all my scrap metal to take the the scrap yard - copper, brass, etc...
    and i don't use regular pickle - i use vinegar and salt...

  2. Yes, the paper/wood filler was something bugged me for a while because I couldn't save enough of it from things I'd ordered. I finally started using recycled, crumpled tissue paper.
    I'd love to hear about your vinegar and salt pickle!

  3. Genevieve, thinly sliced cured clay is great for mosaic-style inclusions, if you enjoy that for a change! Thanks for linking to Claire's video... now I have yet another use for my cereal boxes!

  4. If combined with liquid PClay, can you 'uncure' cured scrap? Ill try this out next time I have some!

  5. Great post! Love the necklace!

  6. No, Hevic I don't think you can uncured clay. (Unfortunately.) To my knowledge the chemical process is irreversible. But you can use it as an inclusion, like mixing in mica or herbs or other small particles of things. A little goes a long way so I need MORE way to re-use it.

    Thanks Half-Baked Notion - I think I will try mosaic!