Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We hunkering down here in south central PA. Hurricane Sandy is suppose to make landfall within the next 2 hours or so and the eye will be passing perhaps just over us sometime after dark. Not thrilled about that. We've been told to prepare to shelter in place and probably be without power at some point. 

The super great skylight in my studio is proving not so great - its leaking. We've had this happen before but I definitely think its worse this time. I moved supplies around and everything is safe. I baked a tray of beads and other pieces this morning to keep me busy if/when the power goes out.  


  1. hope it wasn't too horrible. can imagine how scary those storms must be.

  2. Here in Barcelona it is 7h45 am. I only know NY is full of water. Hope everything is OK in your area. Sure your next beads have a hurricane look!!! Here we only have hurricanes in politics and economy. They also scare and what's worse, are longer.